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IV Hydration for Athletes

IV therapy is an excellent compliment to any athlete’s training routine or to recover from an athletic event. Utilizing a variety of vitamins, minerals, and medications can help an individual optimize your workout, supercharge your recovery, and restore your fluids and vitamins quickly for maximum post-workout wellness.

Benefits of IV Therapy for Athletes Include:

  • Promotes efficient energy consumption

  • Protein synthesis support for muscle growth and repair

  • Metabolism support

  • Reduces muscle aches and soreness

  • Reduce muscle cramps

  • Improved muscle strength and tone

  • Improved endurance

  • Improved cellular repair

  • Reduces the oxidative stress in your body

IV therapy gets to work immediately, replenishing your body’s level vitamins and fluids lost during a workout. Because IV fluids are delivered directly into your bloodstream, you can enjoy full, immediate absorption of fluids and additional vitamins, minerals, and medications (your body absorbs what it needs and excretes the rest). Your cells have instant access to the hydration benefits because they do not have to wait to be absorbed by your stomach.

IV Ingredients & Their Benefits:

  • IV fluids: A sterile saline solution that hydrates your body and delivers vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream for 100% absorption.

  • B-Complex Vitamins: A family of vitamins that perform many different roles in your body, including energy production, metabolic support, cardiovascular support, and more.

  • Vitamin B12: Vital to brain health and energy. Essential for building new blood cells, DNA, and nerve insulation.

  • Vitamin C: An antioxidant vitamin that supports muscle growth, bone strength and health, circulatory function, aids in the removal of free radicals, and supports cell repair and wound healing.

  • Magnesium: An essential mineral that promotes normal nerve and muscle function, promotes cardiovascular health, and supports protein production.

  • Glutathione: A supercharged dose of a powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals naturally produced by your body when you work out, reducing oxidative stress for faster recovery between workouts.

  • Taurine: An amino acid that’s highly beneficial for your body and mind. For athletes and those looking to get into shape, taurine benefits exercise performance by reducing fatigue, increasing stamina, and helping your muscles work harder for longer.

Athletic Recovery:

Whether you’re starting your first competition or you’re a veteran athlete, IV therapy isn’t limited to pre-competition training. IV treatments can help you rehydrate quickly after your event and kick-start your recovery.

The benefits of a post-workout IV include:

  • Faster recovery

  • Reduces oxidative stress

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Fast, effective rehydration

  • Restores electrolytes, fluids, and vitamins quickly

  • Reduces the chance of muscle soreness and aches

Research Links:

In addition, IV therapy is ideal as an adjunct to physical therapy by promoting healthy muscle and cell repair so that you can start preparing for your next competition.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vitamin supplementation is for wellness only, and not intended to cure or treat disease.


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